Gravitart Archive

On this page you will find some visuals from various projects I made between 2010-2016. If you want to have more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Luggage and More Logo
Luggage and More Ad Sample
Typographic Anatomy Poster - Turkish
Turkish Typography Society Logo
Fortyseven & Co. Logo
Kochliebe Lettering Logo
BST Logo
BST Business Cards
Little Marabou Logo Design
Little Marabou Menu Design
Die Sternchenfabrik Logo
Moğollar Logo
BST Logo
BST Business Cards
Zau Zau Identity Design
Zau Zau Identity Design
Unrulee Logo - Beanie
Prospicience Identity Design
Republik Tatarstan Motive
Weba Logo
Dilara Altay Logo
Heartsoft Lettering Logo
Galerie Faruk Rebranding
Tümpelgarten-Schule Logo
Kırmızı Rende Logo
Netservices Logo
Zum Radler Lettering Logo
Soogesund Logo
Badona Typeface
Badona Typeface
Zuup Design Branding
Taskent Logo