Knigge mit Alex Bork

Lettering logo and identity design for a manner and etiquette specialist from Hanau, Germany.

Knigge mit Alex Bork Mark


Most of the German manners are based on a book called "Über den Umgang mit Menschen" (On Human Relations) which is written in the 1700s by Friedrich Ludwig Knigge. Knigge was one of the first writers who wrote about daily manner rules. Today his name has become the meaning of manner & etiquette itself in Germany and it's used almost on every subject which matters manner rules such as Business Knigge, Dresscode Knigge, Wedding Knigge, Table Knigge etc.

Alex gives his lectures and seminars with a background history of Friedrich Ludwig Knigge and adapts it to today by explaining the real meanings and backgrounds of some manner rules which have lost their meanings in time. He wanted to seperate himself from other manner specialists through his identity design and he asked me for help.


I wanted to give every word its own historical background through designing different custom lettering styles for each word. First, I started to design a letter 'k' which I was aiming to give 17-1800s Fraktur style type characteristics. Then I made a brush lettering for the name 'Alex Bork'. After that I designed the preposition "mit" with a hand lettering and the 'KNIGGE' word —which should be the most dominant word in the logo structure— with humanist sans-serif typographic style to make it legible in every size. I made the final touches by bringing them together in a typographic style mixture. In the end we had a typographic lettering logo collage and an identity which is linked to the history of Knigge.

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